Stimulating bloodletting therapy

Bloodletting and cupping therapy is a very common treatment for traditional Chinese medicine. The purpose is to eliminate toxic sputum and sepsis in the body, mainly by regulating the blood and blood to regulate the internal organs of the body, promote blood circulation, through vitality, make the organs harmonious, the meridians smooth, and the gas is smooth. Blood and tone, balance of yin and yang, treatment of dysentery. Benefits of bloodletting cupping therapy:

First, relieve pain

The most prominent therapeutic effect of bloodletting cupping therapy is to relieve pain, such as neuropathic headache, joint pain, sciatica, neck and back pain, gout, stones, vasculitis, appendicitis, abdominal pain, etc. The pain is obviously reduced or disappeared after acupuncture and bloodletting. Chinese medicine believes that “pain is unacceptable.” If blood and blood run abnormally, qi stagnation and blood stasis occur, the meridian stagnate, and occlusion, pain will occur. Acupuncture and bloodletting can clear the blood stasis in the meridians and change the pathological changes of qi stagnation and blood stasis. “Generally no pain”, the meridian blood flow can eliminate pain.

Puncture bloodletting therapy and cupping for a total of £80, acupuncture. £50